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Verð á samsettum Greni – Fiberglass potti með innbyggðum vatnshitara sem felldur er inn í pottinn, sætum og timburklæðningu.

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This glass fiber tube with an integrated inside heater looks particularly elegant and luxurious, it does not have any additional exterior details that require additional space to be added. If you are the one who does not want to spend a lot of time in the care of the tub – this and our other glass fiber tubes really fit for you. The glass fiber tube can be cleaned with plain water or with chemicals and will not have any effect on its surface. The glass fiber tube is a durable product that does not require additional investment or expense. The glass fiber insert is made of a single piece of fiberglass fabric with curved benches, which allows you to save water and, of course, accelerates the warming of the water in the tub. The glass fiber liner’s surface is smooth, soft and pleasant to touch. You will be able to choose from four colors you like: gray, cremic, yellow and blue. The advantage of glass fiber tubs is extremely easy maintenance.

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VIKING INDUSTRIER PREPARE THE KIT: Glass fiber hollow with wooden siding; Stainless steel tightening strips; Oven and chimney; Wooden stairs: 2 or 3 steps; Glass fiber insert (optional color: grey, cream, yellow, blue POSSIBLE ACCESSRIES: Hot tub cover: wooden or fiberglass Bottle Holder from Spruce LED Light: Paddle From Spruce Safety Fence For Chimney Scoop And Poker The LED lighting in the tub is a great way to create a cozy atmosphere and enjoy the pleasures of the water.

It is recommended to think and purchase chimney protection. You can choose a wooden or metal chimney guard. This is important in order to protect yourself and your guests and children from the possibility of burns and accidents around the water tub.

So you can enjoy the water in the tub and do not worry that your drinks will get into the water – the mini bar is a great way out. A bottle holder is made from spruce; it is suitable for 5 bottles.

Hot tubs are transported on the pallet of size (L x W x H): 2.1 x 2.1 x 1.25 m. Weight: 210 kg.


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