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This casserole is specially designed to bake bread in the oven.

Around the edge there is a groove where you can put some water, to get a perfect crust.

Size: outside diameter: 30cm, inside diameter: 23 cm, Altura: 20cm

User instruction:

Place the casserole with the lid in the oven, for about 10 minutes.

Remove the casserole carefully, place the dough inside, make some cuts on it (even if the dough is sticky), pour some water on the groove and cover immediately. Put in the oven and lower the temperature to 230 degrees and bake for about 30 minutes.

Remove the lid and bake for another 15 minutes, until bread is golden and crusty.

Remove the bread from the casserole and put it to cool down on a metal rack. You can also cover it with a clean cloth