Hraðastýring ETY

  • Vörunúmer: ATETY
  • Application
    Manual speed control for speed controllable motors
    Suitable for built-in as well as for surface mounting
  • Composition
    Plastic enclosure, ABS, RAL 900. Supply: 230Vac 50Hz, Infinitely variable control, Fuse (A) (5*20 mm), spare fuse included. Control: ETY from minimum to maximum speed, Minimum speed setting by trimmer. IP: 44 (built-in mounting) /54 (surface mounting), Max ambient temperature: 35°C. CE-Certificate: The EMC directives: 89/336/CEE with modification 92/31/CEE. The low voltage directive: 73/23/CEE. Several motors can be connected as long as the current limit is no exceeded. All models have an extra (not regulated) 230V output. Can generate a magnetic noise at fan low speed