Loftloka Iris

  • Vörunúmer: ATIRIS
    Heiti: IRIS
    Nafn: Loftloka Iris
  • Application
    For air volume control and measurement in ventilation and air conditioning systems.
    The diaphragm valve ensures a perfect accordance between the diameter indication on the handle and the opening of the valve
  • Material
    Galvanized steel
  • Composition
    Body and valve made of galvanized sheet steel
    Plastic regulating nut with plastic key
    Measuring point on either side of the valve for connection of manometer
    Sticker with selection graph, mentioning the air volume at the different opening positions of the valve and the according pressure level
    Flexible joints for air tightness when placed inside the duct
  • Mounting
    To be mounted in between two ducts according to mounting instructions
    To be set on desired air volume according to set-table (joined with each damper)
  • Text for tender
    The air volume control dampers shall be of the circular diaphragm type, suitable for medium and high pressure systems. They shall be made of galvanized sheet steel
    ATC Type IRIS
  • Order example
    IRIS 125
    IRIS: Type of damper
    125: Connection diameter

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