RAS EasyFormer 12.35-3

EasyFormer Highlights

  • Automatic learning of movement sequences
  • Simple workshop-friendly operation, as no programming is required
  • Repeatable parts quality even with less trained staff
  • Large range of forming wheels for different applications
  • Large range of stop plates for different applications
  • Two speed ranges for sensitive and less critical jobs
  • Speed adjustable via the foot pedal depending on training level
  • Upper wheel adjustment in tenths of a millimeter increments
  • Left-right-runs for non-circulating seams
  • Accurate positioning for non-circulating seams
  • Sequences of frequently used components can be stored
  • Optimum clarity in the program management menu
  • Mechanical UnLock safety function opens the wheels instantly
  • Wheel boxes and wheel key
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Swaging Applications

Intelligent swaging machines with new Touch control

The EasyFormer swaging machines „learn“ from the operator how to swage and flange parts. In automatic mode the machine clones the taught sequence. The variable speed allows both: sensitive work with complicated parts or fast and productive runs with small series. The controller offers the best clarity and can be operated intuitively.

Intelligent control

The intelligent RAS EasyFormer-3 swaging machines with AutoTeach Function „learn“ from the operator how to swage and flange parts. This leads to repeatable parts of the highest quality.

  • Operating modes: Teach, Automatic, Manual
  • Manual: For one-time work
  • Teach: When running the first part of a production lot
  • Automatic: When applying the taught sequences for a series of parts

Practical functionality

The EasyFormer swaging machines can be operated via a touch panel control. The 2-axes control automatically learns and memorizes the movement sequences from the operator. Saving and loading of standard programs takes on a whole new meaning.

  • Storage and easy selection of up to 20 programs
  • Clear program management menu
  • If intended, the used wheels, the selected stop plate, the stop position and the pipe diameter can be stored
  • Dimension-related setting of the upper wheel with digital display
  • Continuous or progressive upper wheel adjustment achieves best forming results for thin and thick materials
  • Right-left-run
  • Wheels reach their turning point in forward/reverse operation with high accuracy
  • Soft speed-up and slow-down at start and at direction change
  • Two speed ranges for fast or sensitive work
  • mm/inch selection

Suitable stops

The high-strength and extra-large stop plate is designed for the highest demands. In addition, other stop plates are available.

  • The divided stop can be used for almost all wheels
  • Stop plate for insulating pipes (RAS 12.35-3 only)
  • Special stop plate for bevel flanging wheels BD
  • Round stop for internal flanges on blanks (RAS 12.35-3 only)

Setting made easy

A convenient hand lever allows positioning of the lower wheel, so that both wheels are precisely positioned over one other. A clamping mechanism assures that the shafts stay in position.

  • Sensitively lower shaft positioning
  • Positioning of the lower to the upper wheel shape
  • Central shaft adjustment with lever and scale

Unique UnLock safety function

If at risk, simply pull one of the UnLock levers left or right on the machine frame and the wheels open immediately.

  • Mechanical shaft unlocking in case of emergency
  • Quick release
  • Also effective in case of power failure due to overload
  • UnLock function meets the highest safety standards

Versatile operation

The multi-function foot switch can be configured. Thus, the machine follows the operation preferences of the worker. The foot switch can perform one of the following functions:

  • Right-left run
  • Continuous upper wheel adjustment
  • Progressive upper wheel adjustment
  • Advantage: The operator can always guide the part with both hands

Clean and tidied up

The container for the wheels and the allen key for wheel setup can be attached at the rear of the machine and creates a clean working area.

  • Good accessibility
  • Close to the working area
  • Outside the part manipulation area

Flanging wheels BC

Flanging wheels FL

Bevel flanging wheels BD

Champfering wheels BB

Seaming wheels

Double seaming wheels

Bevel double-seaming wheels

Swaging wheels V

Seaming wheels

Square wheels

Crimping wheels

Crimping wheels with offset

Crimping wheels with stop

Set-off wheels

Knee pipe wheels

Screw-in wheels

Wiring wheels ZA

Tube seaming wheels

Intelligent swaging machine

Unlock function

EasyFormer stop plate