Flexibility without limits!
The Click-In-Tool system for the upper beam and the folding beam accepts the sharp tools, the 80 mm and 155 mm deep goatsfoot tools, as well as the segmented folding beam tools, and clamps them automatically. The 15″ Touch&More CNC presents a graphical setup instruction to the operator.

The manual or intelligent crowning system built into the extremely deep folding beam allows accurate bends and precise bend radii. The backgauge and sheet support system can be extended as J- or U-shape to 3050 mm or 4050 mm.

FLEXIbend: ‘J’ backgauge
FLEXIbend: Intelligent crowning system
Intelligent crowning system

The RAS FLEXIbend with intelligent crowning system does not waste valuable time and expensive material to determine the correct crowning values.

Other systems are based on test bends, where the crowning values will be determined with test parts. The operator enters a variaty of data into the control system.

These are the material thickness, the tool width, the material tesile strength and the material type. Using these inputs??, the controller calculates a crowning value. The operator performs a test bend with these values ??to determine whether the calculated settings are correct. These values do not consider the flange length and the position where the part is bend along the working length of the machine. Both figures, however, affect the crowning value as long flanges offer more resistance than short flanges and as the machine is more rigid close to the side stands than in the center of the machine.

Bæklingur – Flexibend
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This is RAS’ solution
The intelligent RAS crowning system completes all aspects automatically.

The operator loads a blank, clamps it and starts the folding cycle, as he will do with any other bend. The folding beam moves to about 10 degrees. This is when sensors measure the deflection of the beam caused by the actual folding load. The folding beam return to its home position.

Intelligent Crowning System
Straight bends with intelligent crowning system
The controller compensates the observed folding beam deflection and sets the required crowning automatically. Immediately thereafter, the folding beam moves to the programmed angle … resulting in the first bend to be already perfectly straight. The CNC writes the adjustment value for each bend into the program so there is no need for additional measuring cycles when you run the second part of a batch. The intelligent crowning system allows to procuce parts quicker and more accurate than ever before.