Rist Stönsuð – BLR-0

  • Vörunúmer: ATBLR-0
    Tegund: BLR-0
    Nafn: Rist Stönsuð – Ál.
  • Application
    For air intake and exhaust in ventilation systems
  • Material
  • Colour
    Aluminium natural finish
    Pressed aluminium louvre with 45° enclined pressed blades.
  • Mounting
    Wall mounted with visible screws (not included)
  • Text for tender
    The air louves shall be of the pressed type in aluminium
    Natural aluminium finish
    ATC Type BLR-O
  • Order example
    BLR-0, 250 X 250
  • Explanation
    BLR-0 = Type grill
    250 X 250 = Length X Height of the grill


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