• Vörunúmer: ATXD-W
    Tegund: XD-W
    Nafn: Stillanleg loftrist
  • Application
    For air supply or exhaust in ventilation systems
    XD1-W designed for extraction purposes in ventilation system C
    XD2-W and XD3-W designed for natural extraction purposes (RAO) in system A or natural air supply (RTO)purposes in system C
  • Material
  • Colour
    White, RAL 9010
  • Composition
    Wall cover plate and front plate in RAL-finished aluminium
    Base and movable parts made of light grey plastic components
    Delivered with mounting screws
  • Mounting
    Surface mounted by invisible screws
    Mounted in front of duct opening of Ø80 upto Ø140 for XD1-W
    Mounted in front of duct opening of Ø100 upto Ø160 for XD2-W
    Mounted in front of duct opening of Ø140 upto Ø200 for XD3-W
  • Accessories
    Screws (included)
  • Text for tender
    The rectangular grilles for small air flows shall be made of aluminium and finished in white RAL-color. The air volume of the grille will be adjustable by moving the front plate.
    ATC Type XD-W
  • Order example
  • Explanation
    XD = Type grill
    1 = Size 1
    W = White color