9.2m² Sauna & Fataklefi


  • Shape: Hexagon
    Inside area: 9.20 m²
    Total height: 3.50 m
  • Standard set:
  • Wall, floor, roof panels.
  • Insulated roof panels over the sauna room.
  • Roof covered with bitumen shingles of your selected color.
  • 2 hexagon double glass windows.
  • Doors with a lock and a hexagon window.
  • Two rooms inside: a sauna room and a changing room.
  • Inside glass doors between a sauna room and a changing room.
  • Changing room bench with a cushion.
  • Sauna benches.
  • Heat-resistant plates for the heater/stove.
  • Safety fence for the heater/stove.


This Sauna cabin 9.2m2 with a changing room is optimal for a small circle of friends, 5–7 people can bath in it. This sauna cabin looks the same as Sauna cabin 9.2m2 (without a changing room) from the outside. However the interior of the cabin is divided into two zones: the dressing room and the sauna.

Cabin is made of six roof parts, six walls (two of them are with hexagonal double glazed windows), wooden doors, wide sauna benches and an interior glass door. There is an electric or a wood-fired heater in the center of the sauna. We recommend wood-fired heater with external firewood feeding, so that heater can be filled with solid fuel in the dressing room and not sauna (therefore the heat is retained in the sauna). For safe bathing there is a protective fence built near to the heater. Also there are two-tier wide sauna benches along two walls of the sauna. The sauna cabin is lockable, and at the entrance there is a small porch with a roof.

Sauna cabin is delivered to the customer fully complete, with detailed assembly instructions and drawings, and packed on two pallets (KIT). Two people can easily assemble Sauna Cabin in 7 hours.

Size of pallets (L x W x H): 2.5 x 1.2 x 2.5 m and 2.5 x 1.2 x 2.1 m; total weight: 1400 kg.

Available roof:

Wood burning stoves, chimney KITS and eletrical heaters:

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