Sauna LUNA 2.3×2.4m


Meet the Luna, our new outdoor Sauna model that looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside. From its smooth curves to its large windows, it’s built with a mix of comfort and modernity. The gently rounded corners have added appeal and give you lots of space for the Sauna. Door and windows with tempered tinted glass and eye-catching finishing details complete the high-quality impression, which continues confidently in the interior.
The benches and backrest in the Modern Outdoor Sauna Luna are made from deciduous wood and together create a uniquely relaxing atmosphere.
A strong accent is set by the warm white lighting, which underlines the pleasant warmth with exceptionally soft light, like a sunset by the sea.
Luna is either wood-fired or electric-heated and for the ultimate health experience, pair the sauna with sauna accessories such as the bucked and ladle, headrest, etc.

Modern Outdoor Sauna Luna features
Modern design Sauna seats up to 6 persons
Marine plywood frame construction
Walls and roof made from spruce wood
Walls and roof insulated in 10 cm rockwool (as an extra)
Premium quality door fittings, Adjustable ventilation
Two sauna room benches and backrests inside
Warm white LED downlighting in the sauna (under the benches and in the ceiling) (as an extra)
Delivery assembled or not assembled (KIT) with detailed assembly instructions

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