Sauna og Setustofa


Verð á sánatunnu og seturými ásamt bekkjum, gluggum, þakpappa, undirstöðum og innréttingum (Borð og fatahengi) en án hitara.

  • Sauna Barrel with Side entrance is made from spruce wood;
    Roof covered with bitumen shingles of your selected color;
    6 stainless steel tightening bands;
    Round window in the sauna room;
    Double opening windows in sitting room;
    Tempered glass door in sauna room;
    Side entrance door with a lock and a round tempered glass window;
    Table in sitting room;
    Sitting room “storage benches” with hinged to, which can be opened;
    2 sauna side benches from deciduous wood;
    The sauna floor is made from spruce;
    Heat-resistant plates for the heater/stove;
    2 pcs of ventilation (1 in a sitting and 1 in a sauna room);
    One step stair.

    Try something a little different by mixing a small dose of luxury with a traditional sauna benefits!
    We are very excited to introduce the NEW Sauna Barrel with side entrance! This barrel have been designed in a way that you can use the most out of space to offer a practical and attractive space for relaxing and taking sauna benefits.

    This model is definitely the most spacious of our Sauna Barrels. A wooden table and „storage benches“ in a sitting room makes you feel like in a cabin and is very practical as well, but the best thing here is that you may have big windows on walls: round window in sauna room and double opening window in sitting room.
    The sauna is supplied fully assembled and is ready to be used immediately. Usable all year round.

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We prepared recommendations for available sauna heaters according to the size of the sauna room (11 m3) and the ratio of the heaters.

There are available electric and wood burning heaters: You are free to choose heaters design.

Wood burning heaters for sauna:

  • Harvia M3, 16.5 kw (6-13 m3) /
  • Harvia Pro 20, 24 kw (8-20 m3) /
  • Harvia M3 SL (outside firewood feeding) 16.5 kw (6-13 m3) /
  • Harvia SL 20 (outside firewood feeding) 24.1 kw (8-20 m3) /
  • Harvia 26 Pro, 26.6 kw (10 – 26 m3).

Electric heaters for sauna:

  • Harvia Vega BC80, 8kW (7-12 m3) /
  • Harvia Trendi KIP90, 9kw (8 -14 m3) /
  • Harvi Globe GL110, 10.5 kw ( 9-15 m3) /
  • Harvia „Club“,13.5 kw (11-20 m3) /
  • Harvia Cilindro PC90F (8-14 m3).