Upphengja OBMC

  • Vörunúmer: ATOBMC
    Tegund: OMBC
    Nafn: Röraupphengja
  • Application
    Used for suspension of circular ducts
    Clamps OBMC are especially designed for vibration attenuation
    Dia 80 up to 400 mm with screw M6 on either side, 1-point suspension with M8/M10 nut on top
    Dia 450 up to 1000 mm with 2-point suspension with M10 hole on either side
  • Composition
    Made of hot dipped sendzimir zinc plated steel
    Maximum suspended weight: 500 kg
    Width is 20 mm for Dia 80 – 400 mm and 25 mm above Dia 400 mm
    Thickness is 1.8 mm under Dia 400 mm and 2.3 mm above Dia 400 mm
    Rubber inlay:
    Working temperature:
    -40°C + 120°C
    Material hardness: HS 60° +/-3°
  • Accessories
    Threaded rods type THA (not included)
    Other available products
    Suspension clamps without rubber inlay type OBDC
  • Order example
    OBMC, 250
    Explanation :
    OBMC = Clamp type
    250 = Diameter of clamp
  • Text for tender
    The circular ducts shall be suspended by means of sendzimir zinc plated steel clamps with rubber inlay. They shall tolerate a maximum suspended weight of 500 kg. The ducts shall be suspended on two points by means of threaded rods on either side of the clamp
    ATC type OBMC


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