• Vörunúmer: ATBLR-F
    Tegund: BLR-F
    Nafn: Útirist Steypt
  • Application
    Louvres for air supply and exhaust in ventilation systems
  • Material
    Moulded aluminium
    Inox mesh
  • Colour
    Aluminium natural finish
  • Composition
    Moulded aluminium body with enclined aluminium blades. Equipped with welded insect screen. Can be removed in mechanical ventilation.
    Size Ø315 and Ø400 different look
  • Mounting
    Fitted by nails or by casting
  • Text for tender
    The circular external air louvres shall be of the circular type, made of moulded aluminium and equipped with insectscreen
    ATC Type BLR-F
  • Order example
    BLR-F, 160
    BLR-F = Type grill
    160 = Connection diameter


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