View Bell Small 3


View Bell Small 3

Contemporary three-sided gas fireplace.

  • Sleek, contemporary three-sided fireplace.
  • Ideal for building in, combined with television or furniture
  • fire visible from many different angles
  • Polished or anti-reflective glass
  • Available in many different sizes.
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  • Modern three sided gasfire 

A perfect view of the fire from every angle. That is what new Bellfires View Bell 3 range offers. Stylish three-sided gas fires in different sizes – Large, Medium, Small, Vertical, Derby and Topsham. So there is an appropriate gas fire for every living room.

View Bell Vertical 3
View Bell Topsham 3
View Bell Derby 3
Smart Bell Panorama 45
View Bell L 3
View Bell M 3
  • Double burner
  • Why the Bellfires double burner? Customize your hearth: Line Fire or Centre Fire. A pleasant flame image without unwanted extra power. Enormous savings on heating costs. No concessions on robustness, rigidity and reliability.
    The best hearth for the best price.
  • Different Frames

As details make the difference, Bellifres engineers have devoted a great deal of care and attention to the finishing of the Corner Bell 3 gas fires. Those opting for a corner fireplace can choose from two frames. Standard Hidden Door frame of 4.2 cm creates a perfect, minimalistic finish. Hidden Door+ 10cm frame is available as an alternative. This wider frame borders the glass on all sides, so that a single unit is created with the surround.

Premium Fire
Centre Fire
Line Fire
Hidden Door
Hidden Door+ 10
Safety first
Naturally the developers of Bellfires have extensively thought of the safety aspects as well. The Bellfires 3 is equipped with a patented safety system where possible overpressure in the fireplace will be discharged in a controlled way. The uniqueness of this safety system is the replacability, controllability and therefore the optimum reliability. Those features are a clear surplus value, especially in extreme situations.
  • Different decoration and interiors
    Corner Bell gas fires have three types of interior: slats, a flat steel back wall or – new – black ceramic glass. Ceramic side walls and back walls create a perception of extra depth, emphasising the intensity of the flames. New wood set also enhances true-to-life look of the fireplace. Corner Bell is fitted with a ceramic burner that guarantees a 100% reliable and lifelike fire.
Polist glass
Interfocos is the 1st fireplace manufacturer to go into production with „green“ glass! This glass is called Premium Green Neoceram, also called polished glass. The most important properties of this magnificent glass quality are: Greater clarity: the colour of the glass has been improved yet again. Better glass quality: even fewer bubbles or impurities, the glass is exceptionally pure. Ecological production process: during the production process no harmful material whatsoever is used any more so that the glass is completely recyclable and does not cause pollution. So it has the label „Green“.
Premium: the Premium Green Neoceram glass is fully tested for perfect surface quality.
  • Wood trunks
  • Ceramic black mirror

True to nature wood blocks, displayed below in combination with the black mirror wall as interior.

  • Marmerspli
  • Plain background

Marmersplit, also called white pebble stones, displayed below in combination with the plain background.

  • Grey pebble stones 
  • Steel panels

Grey pebble stones as burner decoration, displayed below in combination with the interior of steel panels.

The ease of gas
Stoking on gas is not only clean and safe: it’s mainly also the easiest way of ‘stoking a fire’: on is on and out is out. High flames, low flames; you can regulate it all with one single push on the remote control. Bellfires offers warmth and atmosphere in one; for every interior, for every living style. Last but not least: one achieves a maximum efficiency and a minimum emission.